Deep Draw Stamping

We in JH Micron have been serving customers in the automotive consumer goods, and electronics industry with our deep draw stamping and contract manufacturing capabilities, , In addition to our metal stamping services, we offer numerous secondary and machining services and work with many of our customers to provide custom tooling and fabricating services.

Deep Draw Stamping Process

Deep Draw Stamping

Deep drawing s a process when sheet metal blank is radially drawn into a die  through the mechanical action of a punch.It’s considered “deep” process because depth of the formed part exceeds the part diameter. It can be used to produce precise and intricate parts, including both symmetrical and asymmetrical parts.

Here are some of our parts manufactured with deep draw process. 

Advantage of Deep Draw Stamping

Deep Drawn stamping part utilises punch to draw out a component from a sheet metal blank, and therefore it uses less material compared to other machining methods. The process of deep drawing hardens the metal, resulting in a stronger and more durable material. 

Deep Draw Stamping Part

Our Capability

JHM used multiple process to draw the part. We worked with a wide range of material like SPCEN, SGCD, Brass & 5000 Series Aluminum, SUS 304PS, ranging from thickness of 0.5mm to 1.2mm