Product Assembly

Besides metal stamping and CNC Machining, We also offer subassembly services and deliver it directy  to the customer’s warehouse. We fulfill automated component , mechanical and electrical assembly. Besides that, we also offer additional secondary process service such as welding, degreasing, packing and assembling components.

Mechanical Sub Assembly

Our assembly  service takes small mechanical part and put those parts together into a complete final product. Some of our processes include resistance welding, capacity discharge welding, tapping, screw insertion and manual assembly.

mechanical sub assembly

Our Capability - Welding

In Joon Hee Micron, we have a team of experienced and qualified welder for all kinds of welding processes. We employ welding process such as spot welding & resistance projection welding equipment. The power rating for our welding equipment ranges from 1KVA to 20KVA

welding machine & process

Our Capability - Degreasing

In Joon Hee Micron, we are equipped with manual and automated ultrasonic degreasing equipment. As an ISO 14001 company, our degreasing chemical is certified to be environmental friendly and ROHS compliant. We have more than 15 years of experience degreasing steel, copper & aluminium products.

degreasing process